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What our parents say about us

“Elijah has only been with The Oaks for approximately six months and they have brought about a big change with his talking, reading, everything you name it. He started as a new little toddler who was very shy and not as clever to how he is now. He has changed from a baby into a boy! This is thanks to all staff at The Oaks for all the support, time and effort they have put into my child. It is sad to see him leave but with thanks to you all I am certain we are ready to start big school! Thank you all once again😊” ~Demi
“Selena really enjoyed her time at The Oaks. She learnt a lot of things and the staff are really lovely which helped her progress. We are really happy we chose The Oaks and highly recommend it.” ~Mrs Baciu
“Jasmine has learnt so much since starting the Oaks in September 2020. Her development has increased immensely from creativity to being able to write her own name, to counting to 29 and learning to write the numbers. As well as that The Oaks do so many fun activities – painting, sticking, cutting, baking, trying new fruits and also going to the Gruffalo Trail. The teachers are lovely and Jasmine has developed wonderful relationships with them. Jasmine and us parents will miss The Oaks very much and would like to thank you all for the wonderful time she had here.” ~Mrs Choat
~Mr and Mrs Kayode “Itan coming to The Oaks (Stepping Stones) is one of the best decisions we made. He has improved so much socially, mentally, physically and the depth of knowledge he has is vast. The most improvement is his speech and use of words and reading.”
“Riya enjoys The Oaks and loves going there everyday. There is a good mix of activities from cooking, painting and planting to singing and dancing! The staff are great and she shares an amazing comfort level with them. There is nothing more I could ask from a preschool.” ~Mrs Agashe
~Mrs Anwar “Since my daughter joined The Oaks, she has blossomed into a confident, pleasant and independent individual. Thanks to all the dedicated teamwork and care of the Oaks staff. I look forward to continuing to work with them. Thank you Stepping Stones!”
“[She] settled really well and loves going to school.  She talks about her friends & what she has been up to all the time.” ~Mrs Johal
~Mr Rai “We are very impressed with the variety & richness of the activities she has the opportunity to take part in. Thank you for all your efforts in helping to nurture her into a delightful child and daughter.”
“My son has had great fun and enjoyed each and every moment at The Oaks” ~Mrs Thippana
~Mrs Mudgal “I can say very confidently that my son wouldn’t have a better start to his school life in any other institution.  He thoroughly enjoyed his time at The Oaks”
“Our daughter has had a fantastic time at The Oaks. She has made some great friends and looks forward to her nursery days. The staff are so nice, they work very hard to make sure the children are working and playing hard. We can see a big difference in her confidence and independence. The Oaks is a great preschool and we would recommend it to all parents. The location is lovely.” ~Mr and Mrs Joshi